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Is it time to diversify away from the mega cap stocks?

Can the markets continue to move higher? Should you begin to look at other investments than the Magnificent 7?  Senior Portfolio Manager, Lionel Bey, discusses this in his latest video
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Let's Talk About Two Market Expectations

The recent strength of the stock market is riding on two expectations. One of the two is highly unlikely to occur which increases the probabilities of downside volatility.    
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Economic Growth in the US

Government spending boosted economic growth last quarter but do not extrapolate that moving forward. In fact, economic growth in the US is likely to decelerate sharply!!
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Insights on the Debt Level

What is a trillion dollar? What does the current debt level represent for each individual in this country and are financial markets beginning to pay attention to the sharp increase in the debt level?
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When it comes to investments - think risk first.

Don’t be swayed by the latest investment fads and promises of high returns…the reality is you most likely can’t handle the downside volatility….Invert always invert…Think about risk first and returns second…
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What about market timing?

First video from Boston...I tackle the other side of a point our industry loves to make...Keep in mind, there are always two sides to a narrative.
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MBIA Welcomes Lionel Bey to the Team

MBIA welcomes a new team memberPlease join me in welcoming our newest team member: Lionel Bey!Lionel brings over 20 years of investment experience including his most recent role as Chief Investment Officer at Retirement Corporation of America (RCA), a Registered Investment Advisory firm with $500 million in assets under management.  Prior to that role, he served as RCA’s Director of Investment Research and Portfolio Management.  Lionel earned his undergrad
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